How to Shop the Markets in Provence


Although the region has close to 500 markets with vendors selling food, antiques and crafts, Marjorie Williams’s new book “The Markets of Provence” is a guide to the 30 she found most appealing during the several months she spent in the area for her research. This is required reading if you want to delve into the kife of a Provencal village. Says Williams: “These markets are untouched by time. They’re in the same location and serving the same purpose as […]

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The Art of Travel at the Musée Lalique in Alsace


  A visit to the Musée Lalique in Alsace is a surprise not just for the fantastic permanent collection and the spectacular natural setting, but also for the quality of the temporary exhibitions, guided by a different theme each year. Lalique et l’art du Voyage revisits the refinement and mystery of motor, rail and marine travel through a time capsule of precious and rare objects and memorabilia from an era where the passenger list read like a who’s who of the world’s aristocracy and leaders in […]

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How Brexit will affect British tourists travelling to Europe


It’s no secret that Londoners love to holiday. Come summer, thousands of us jet off to sunnier climes around Europe, whether it be a beach break to the French Riviera or in Dordogne. But how will travel to Europe be affected by the result of the EU referendum on Thursday June 24? Will Brexit make it be more expensive? Will we need visas? Will roaming charges increase? Read more…

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France’s Centre Pompidou explores the Beat Generation


Spanning a period from the late 1940s to the late 1960s, the Beat Generation scandalized America in the dawning days of the Cold War. The movement laid the foundations for the liberation of youth culture and is now recognized as one of the major cultural movements of the 20th century. The Beat Generation is now also the subject of an exhibition at the French capital’s Centre Pompidou. After forming when beatnik novelists and poets William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Jack […]

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Heres Why France Has the Lowest Rate of Obesity in the World

Those Slender French

  It’s a strange phenomenon where the French diet is relatively high on saturated fats, alcohol and meat and still it has relatively low incidence of lifestyle diseases. This is popularly called the French paradox. So, what’s the secret? In a French diet, the focus is more in the quality of ingredients and not the quantity. In a French diet, the focus is on moderation – not deprivation – and that makes a world of difference! read more at […]

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Paris As a Movie Set


Claire and Maxime, 2 Parisians with a love for film, photography, create great videos of their travels around the world. In their latest opus, they have transformed Paris into a movie set. It’s your chance to see Paris as you have never seen it!

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Discover a Far Better Quality of Life in the Real South of France


It’s no surprise that France inspires such love. With its stirring architecture and landscapes, diverse climates, incomparable foods and wines, and mellow lifestyle, the country offers a personal gift to everyone. Your dream of a French retirement could be a lot more affordable than you thought. Although less in the public eye than its swanky neighbor, Provence, the Languedoc has just as much to crow about. Nestled between the Pyrenees and Cevennes mountain ranges and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, […]

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French music diva and mega star Dalida biopic unveiled at Cannes


Cannes; Pathe Cinema, the Paris-based film studio will unveil first images of Lisa Azuelos’s biopic Dalida, capturing the life of the tragic Cairo-born French-Italian popular music diva, one of France’s favorite stars during the 60’s and 70’s known for iconic tunes such as Parole Parole and Bambino and Gigi L’Amoroso. Up-and-coming Italian actress Sveva Alviti gets her first shot at a lead role, playing Dalida opposite an ensemble cast of actors as the various men who came and went in the singer’s life before she committed suicide […]

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Francois Pinault, Luxury Goods Magnate, to Open Private Museum in Paris


Ten years after he gave up in exasperation trying to build a museum for his vast contemporary-art collection, François Pinault, founder of a luxury-goods empire, has finally found a French home. The 18th-century Bourse de Commerce, next to Les Halles in Paris’s heart, will be converted by Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect, into a museum that will open in late 2018. Via

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English-Language Bookstores in Paris


  They’re a wide-ranging bunch, from chain store to hole-in-the wall. Several are just a short walk from each other on the Left Bank but this list will also take you to the picturesque Marais and wind-swept Place de la Concorde. You could get lost in the overflowing shelves of any of them but make sure not to miss the Paris section in each shop, you’ll learn something new about the city of light in each one. Via  

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