french-flag-easter-eggSpring comes early in Paris,France around Easter time with the greenery appearing in parks, on tree lined avenues and gardens. With the cold months of winter ending the Easter holiday season is the perfect time to visit Paris.

The Friday before Easter, Good Friday, is not a public holiday so stores, cafes and museums are open although not as busy as a routine Friday. Some Parisians take an extended weekend celebrating the first holiday of the season. The ceremonial Easter official holiday is celebrated the Monday after Easter. On Easter Monday you will find some stores and important monuments closed.

Easter celebrations in France, as throughout Europe, match with Easter Eggs. In France, Easter Eggs are one selection of many Easter gifts. Chocolate is the standard ingredient found in Easter gifts. Many Parisians get their Easter chocolate gifts from local bakeries or chocolatier for excellent chocolates. Local bakers and chocolatiers take pride in making excellent chocolates that are personally decorated with tender care. The Easter Eggs and other chocolate animals can be bought either filled or unfilled. These chocolates come in a variety flavors that are filled with small chocolate or small sugary eggs and sometimes a mixture of both fillings.

Easter in France is a family celebration with a wonderful Sunday luncheon consisting of roast lamb. Children take part in Easter hunts in Parisian gardens seeking chocolate eggs and The City of Paris arranges egg hunts in the parks. According to folklore the chocolate eggs where brought from Rome by the “Easter Bells” overnight.  Church bells in France remain quiet from Ceremonial Thursday to Easter Sunday.

Notre-Dame de Paris has catholic services on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday having some services in French on Monday. The American Church in Paris (ACP) a protestant church also has Easter Services. You will find church services, no matter your religion, to attend if Easter is a religious celebration for you and your family.

Easter is a wonderful season of year to visit Paris and enjoy the wonder of spring and take part in some Easter traditions. With Easter coming towards the end of April this year the flowers and greenery will enhance the beauty of the city.

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