Untitled14If you have been considering a trip to the south of France, 2013 is the year to go. Make Marseille, the European Capital of Culture for 2013, your primary destination.

The European Capital of Culture title was invented in 1985 and aims to bring people closer together by celebrating the city’s culture. This celebration offers a wealth of activities with something for everyone.

The scope of European Capital of Culture programs extend well beyond the artistic field. In Marseille, you will also find ancient architecture, contemporary art, music, dance, theatre, heritage, science and technology, sport, fabulous cuisine, and pop culture – nearly 500 exhibits and events.

Marseille, a port city, is nestled between the sea and the hills. It was established by the ancient Greeks and later settled by the Romans, the Visigoths, and finally the French.

Marseille is the European Capital of Culture in 2013The oldest city in France combines the richness of unique heritage, a wildly, multi-cultural life, and a beautiful geographic location. And the weather? Marseille reports 300 sunny days each year.

Enjoy fabulous food in the streets. Festive and affordable, street food is prepared by chefs who use their imaginations to create movable kitchens throughout Marseille. Try exciting new flavors such as herb panisses, mallow tagines, mint tea or Turkish coffee. And the bouillabaisse, which originated here, is the best that can be had. If you prefer to eat indoors, restaurants abound with a wide variety of choices from French cuisine to Spanish, Italian, North African, and beyond.

If history and architecture are of interest, the area is full of monuments, museums, castles, and cathedrals to visit, some dating back to the 12th century.

If art is what you fancy, visit the Grand Atelier du Midi‘ at festival and its related exhibitions. The south of France has always been a source of inspiration for painters. This art exhibition will be a chronological presentation from 1880 to 1960, including impressionism, post-impressionism, fauvism, cubism, surrealism and abstraction featuring 200 pieces.

And don’t miss the special exhibit, Picasso, Ceramist and the Mediterranean, which will feature 25 pieces that have never been shown together, and some that have never been shown at all.

Absorb the sounds of music from street musicians to performances in the courtyard of the Château de l’Emperi, where most of the soloists hail from such renowned orchestras as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Opéra de Paris.

Watch sporting events such as football, board sports, hiking, and BMX. If sports participation is what you desire, cycle your way through Marseille with a bike tour. Swim at the Pointe Rouge beach or go climbing the Calanques.

And if you decide to go to Marseille and are looking for guided tours of Marseille, we have plenty of them, including this overnight tour of Provence with a Bouillabaisse cooking class!

Whether it is food, sport, art, music, history, or culture that you crave, for your perfect trip to France to experience all of the excitement that Marseille has to offer during its celebration as the European Capital of Culture for 2013, contact us today.