It’s a love-it or hate-it proposition: not for everyone, but oh, so Parisian!

OK, you need to be young, and hip, and wanting a place that reeks of fun, and that French “je ne sais quoi”.

The hotel Amour is an exercise in style: Monsieur Andre is the appointed designer (decorator seems too bashful a term on such an endeavor).

Style and details, such as  Kiehl’s products is what makes this hotel a good place to stay. Not too mention fun too: the lobby is like a French Bistro, and some rooms have bathrooms that are not enclosed…

Well, now there’s no denying you’ve made it to Paris.

Hotel Amour – 8, rue Navarin – 75009 Paris

Doubles from $200. Métro: Pigalle; St.-Georges

One of the rooms at Hotel Amour, one of the thousands of hotels in France available on