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France Sees A Fall In Food Prices

Peaches by Britt Reints

This summer, the cost of fresh produce in our favourite Euronation has dropped; vegetable prices are down by 3 percent, while the cost of fruit has fallen by an astounding […]

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Francophile Fact: How Many Stop Signs Are There In Paris?


How many stop signs do you think there are in Paris? Go on, have a guess. One. And it’s in the 16th arrondissment. How do you drive safely in the […]

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10 Must-See English Language Movies Set In France

paris clock

You love France, of course you do – who doesn’t? But unless you are one of the lucky 100,000 US expats in France, you can’t be there all the time. […]

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Senior Travel to France

Senior Travel to France

Finally you have retired. The kids are busy with their own lives. You don’t want to just rattle around the house wondering what to do. You want to see France […]

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Top 4 Haunted Places to Visit in Paris, France

Full moon and gargoyle of Paris

#1: Paris Catacombs Considered one of the most haunted places in the world, the Paris Catacombs are in a labyrinth of human bones. Officials began placing the remains of dead […]

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Celebrating Easter in Paris, France


Spring comes early in Paris,France around Easter time with the greenery appearing in parks, on tree lined avenues and gardens. With the cold months of winter ending the Easter holiday […]

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The caves in the Vézère valley (Dordogne) contain the first known art

Cave de Rouffignac

France is well known as a country that has nurtured art throughout its history. A traveler can view and appreciate the art France has to offer in museums such as […]

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Four Small Music Venues to Visit in Paris

Autour de midi, Jazz club in Montmartre

If you want to experience the hottest local music when visiting Paris, France, but don’t want to pay a lot for tickets, the four venues below are a traveler’s must! […]

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3 ideas of things to do in France that might surprise you

Biarritz Seashore in the summer

Many people express a deep-rooted and fervent longing to travel to France when what they really mean is they dream of going to Paris. If you belong to this group, then you […]

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One of the first screens for nascent circa 1994 was registered 20 years ago today, preceding the births of Internet giants such as, Ebay, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Starting in 1994, was a pioneer in the […]

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