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Gourmet Hot Dogs Pop Up In Paris

Culture Chien Chaud

Parisian food blog, FASTANDFOOD, has long been known as the go-to site for information and news about fast food in the City of Light. We’re not talking McDonald’s or KFC […]

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Boulevard Haussmann Christmas Displays 2014

galeries lafayette christmas 2014

For some retailers in Paris, the 2014 Christmas season kicked off this week. Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Le Bon Marché, and BHV will be unveiling their festive displays between now and […]

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Where Did Your Jeans Come From?

levi jeans by M62

Denim is French. The tough blue cotton twill, which was used by Levi Strauss for his workers’ garments, originated in Nîmes, and was known as de Nîmes – ‘from Nîmes’. […]

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Get Ready To Ski!

skiing in the french alps

With more options to ski than anywhere else in the world, it’s no wonder that skiers – and increasingly, snowboarders – flock to France every winter. Despite France’s reputation for […]

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French Wine Facts

french wine

With a per capita consumption of around 60 liters per year (60% red, 25% rosé, 15% white), the French drink more wine than any other nation in the world. Along […]

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The Beaujolais Run


If you’ve never been on the Beaujolais Run®, you’ve missed out on a whole lot of fun… and some superb wine too. In 1970, celebrity chef, Clement Freud was sitting […]

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Staying Safe In Paris – Avoid The Scammers Pt. 2

ring scam in Paris

Last week we talked about minor scams in the City of Light but this week’s ones are far more serious. We’re not talking a couple of Euros here and there […]

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La Toussaint

la Toussaint

La Toussaint (All Saints’ Day), is celebrated on November 1st, and is a jours férié (public holiday). However, if la Toussaint falls on a Tuesday, then Monday becomes an unofficial […]

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French Cider

French cider

Cider is not a beverage one usually associates with France but traditionally, it is the favoured drink for All Saints’ Day (November 1st) and All Souls’ Day (November 2nd). Historically, […]

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Halloween In France

Halloween in France

Halloween in France is a relatively new thing, and in some places, it is still met with resistance and viewed as yet another example of Americanization. As such, Halloween is […]

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