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One of the first screens for nascent circa 1994 was registered 20 years ago today, preceding the births of Internet giants such as, Ebay, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Starting in 1994, was a pioneer in the […]

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A Foodie Trip Through France

Dog, Bret and Baguette

The next time you are thinking about taking a tour, maybe the best idea is to move off the beaten path of museums, palaces, and quaint sights.  Instead let your […]

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Six popular French holiday season desserts

Buche de Noel, a typical French X Mas dessert

People in France relish the holiday season, and in the weeks leading up to Christmas and following it, you’re apt to come across delicious seasonal desserts.  These include the following: […]

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The Art-Lover’s Tour of France

The Thinker Statue by the French Sculptor Rodin

Certainly, there’s enough fine art in France to cover many and many trips!  You may not consider yourself to be an expert in art, but in planning your next trip […]

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Gascony and the South West, Part 3: Into the Mountains

Prayer area just outside the Grotto in Lourdes

Along the border between France and Spain runs the Pyrenees Mountain range, acting as a natural barrier between the Iberian peninsula and the European continent. From the Bay of Biscay […]

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Gascony and the South West, Part 2: Wine and fine dining


There is nowhere better in the world to be wined and dined than in France. While it’s true that the country in general boasts high-quality fare, the southwest corner of […]

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Gascony and the South West, Part 1: Taking the Scenic Route


Cultural, gastronomical, and intellectual delights await you in the delightful southwest corner of France. Seemingly designed for lazy touring on back roads, this cozy pocket of France boasts multitude of […]

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Artistic and Architectural Delight found in Historic French Churches


Upon your return from a trip to France, your friends will no doubt expect that you’ve visited the Notre-Dame de Paris. Indeed, a trip to France including Paris would almost […]

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The Myth of the Brasseries

Typical Paris Bar as can be seen in Paris wine tours

Paris and fine dining have long been associated with one another: Snails, frogs legs, goose liver… it can be daunting. [Y]ou don’t have to try all the crazy things the […]

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Off the Beaten Track: Simiane-la-Rotonde


If your travels ever take you to the beautiful and bustling city of Aix-en-Provence, in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, be sure to spend some time getting to know the […]

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