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Britanny's islands

Brittany, like Janus, has two faces, one looking inland, and the other facing the sea. Daughter of Neptune, it has a myriad of islands scattered in the Channel or the Atlantic Ocean. Only 15 of them are permanently inhabited. Your journey to Brittany should include a visit to one of them; but which one to chose?

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Located in Morbihan, one of the four Britton départements, Carnac stretches its vast surface between the Morbihan Bay and the peninsula of Quiberon.
The name Carnac comes from the Celtic word “cairn” meaning butte, and numbers of hillocks emerge from an otherwise flat land: they were used as landmark for the construction of megaliths that made the site world famous. The place has been inhabited for 450 000 years, as we know from the vestige found in the village. The oldest monument found on the site was built between 5000 and 3400 BC: it is a massive burial mound apparently intended for the elite (all the discovered mortuary artefacts are on display in the Prehistoric Museum), but because of degradation, it is no longer open to the public.

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In the beautiful region of Burgundy, rich of many religious buildings, one is particularly interesting, listed among Unesco World Heritage : the Vezelay Abbey, a jewel of Romanesque architecture, a major site of Christianity since the middle ages and a rallying point of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

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Abbey of Fontenay

Our visit today takes us in the past to the best preserved of all the Cistercian abbeys, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. Like the sister abbeys, Fontenay is located […]

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I need some information pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Good afternoon to all friends of the forum …  I need some info about flavigny sur ozerain.Before 2 years my husband died after an accident …. spent much difficult time and I have a little girl 8 years old.I wanted to get away from the stress of the city and to calm down, I would like my daughter to grow up in a calm and green perivvalon. That interests me is whether there are houses for lease, if there are schools, pediatrician or a clinic that is life there, if there are activities for children; any information it would be important for me. thanks for the time .I Forget tell you that I am from Greece.
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Air France lost our luggage – What to do?


My wife and I just come back to Toronto, Canada from our honeymoon trip but only to find out that our luggage was lost.  We had a transit from Barcelona to Paris and to Toronto, all by the Air France flight.   At the baggage claim area in the Toronto airport, we checked with the Air France stuff, did a number of walk around to find our luggage but no luck.  The Air France stuff said the bags should have arrived but obviously we didn't find it.  We filled out a luggage lost form and the Air France gave us a number to call for the next day to check if the luggage re-appear.  After reading the above postings, I have an ill feeling that our luggage is lost or stolen. 

What can I do now?


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We need help with our vacation plans

My two or three friends and I want to vacation in Paris with my one year old daughter for about 4 to 6 days. I desperately need help- I can’t […]

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Top Attractions in France

Hello everyone,


I am wanting to propose to my girlfriend soon, but I want it to be something that she will never forget and also that she will be able to brag about.

So this brings my question,

What is the most romantic place in France?

The only thing I can think of is the Eiffel Tower, but if you can think of anything better, that would really help.

I have been looking for places to see in France for a while now on a travel site, but if I could get an inside oppinion, I think that would be better.


- Raithe

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A wonderful boutique hotel experience

I recently went to Paris and stayed at the hotel called, The Five Hotel Paris.    It was perfect.  This hotel wasn’t too expensive but not a cheap hotel.  The bottom […]

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Paris Vacation Apartment Rentals –

Hello, We have just returned from a 2 weeks trip to Paris and i would like to share with you this little jewel of an agency that I found by […]

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