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Color Photos of Paris circa 1900 recently rediscovered


Lovers of Paris, photo and history can marvel at the vintage color photos of Paris that have recently resurfaced. Impressive as these pictures are, what is most striking is how […]

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Paris Under The Snow

Paris was covered by a blanket of Snow this morning, creating scenes of a different vision of the City of Light, as can be seen in this slideshow

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Traveling with kids to France


If you want to create lasting memories with your family, treat them to the adventure of a lifetime with a trip to France. Coordinating such an important trip might feel […]

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Fast Train from Paris to Barcelona closer than ever

AVE Train between Tarragone and Madrid

A bevvy of important government heads including Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Catalan President Artur Mas, and Minister of Development, Ana Pastor joined in the inauguration of […]

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December 21 Apocalypse: a small town in the South West of France is the answer


Eight centuries after Pope Innocent III launched a crusade to rout the Cathar heresy out of Languedoc, the rocky outpost of Bugarach is once again under siege. Doomsayers who believe […]

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Longtime Louvre director Henri Loyrette to step down


Henri Loyrette, the pioneering boss of the Louvre for over a decade, will quit the world’s biggest museum at the end of his current term of office in April, he […]

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Group Travel to France

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Versailles Musical Water Shows


From the very beginning, water has played a central role in the building of the castle and gardens of Versailles. As you prepare your trip to visit the Sun King’s […]

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Personalized trip planning to France

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Save the date for Beaujolais Nouveau!


The third Thursday of November is the official date for the annual release of Beaujolais Nouveau, the light, fruity drink produced in Beaujolais (Burgundy). A mix of regulations — the […]

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