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Top Attractions in France

Hello everyone,


I am wanting to propose to my girlfriend soon, but I want it to be something that she will never forget and also that she will be able to brag about.

So this brings my question,

What is the most romantic place in France?

The only thing I can think of is the Eiffel Tower, but if you can think of anything better, that would really help.

I have been looking for places to see in France for a while now on a travel site, but if I could get an inside oppinion, I think that would be better.


- Raithe

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A wonderful boutique hotel experience

I recently went to Paris and stayed at the hotel called, The Five Hotel Paris.    It was perfect.  This hotel wasn’t too expensive but not a cheap hotel.  The bottom […]

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Paris Vacation Apartment Rentals –

Hello, We have just returned from a 2 weeks trip to Paris and i would like to share with you this little jewel of an agency that I found by […]

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Prehistoric Sites of Aquitaine

It all started 400 000 years ago, when  Homo Erectus arrived in Perigord, coming from Africa.

The traces of early settlements show his ability to use some technology, like two sides’ flint, or fire, signs of adaptation to the cold environment in the glaciations eras.
Later on, Neandertal took his place; first species originating from Europe, he left numerous remnants of the tools he used or the game he hunted, until he disappeared 30 000years ago. He was the first human ancestor to bury the dead, thus testifying of a spiritual behaviour.

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Looking for Frederique Bach

I am trying to find an old friend from LePuy en Velay.  Her name is Frederique Bach.  I did a French exchange with her in about 1990, she would have stayed with my family in Sutton, Dublin, Ireland. 

At the time she was friends with Max Mejean, Florence and had a boyfriend called Jean.  If anyone has any information please email me.  I would really like to get back in contact with her.

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The French Community is a networking website, dedicated to all the French-speakers in the world and the passionate by the French culture.

You can meet other french around the world, find jobs, housing, sell products…


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Paris trip advices

Hi everyone, Just return from paris and i want to share some advises with you : first of all, if you go to the louvre museum, don’t take the main […]

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How to get to Sainte Enimie (Gorges du Tarn)

I will be traveling to Sainte Enimie in September, flying out of JFK in NYC.  Does anyone know the best way to get there once I land in Paris?  Is it better to fly to Montpellier or take a train?  Once I get to Montpellier, how do I get to Sainte Enimie?  Is there some other city I should fly into, or to take a train to, instead of Montpellier?  This will be my first trip to Europe.  I am not going through a travel agency as I will be doing volunteer work in Sainte Enimie.  Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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This is about the hotel called Golden Tulip Royal Garden Champs Elysees Hotel. We made a reservation for 4 nights but unfortunatly we could only stay one night .The room […]

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