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Need charming hotel in or near Marseille

We are landing in Marseilles and are looking for a charming hotel in the area for one night. We will have a car and are leaving the next day.

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Jobs for Teens

I'm doing a research assignment about teenagers in France. Can anybody help me find out what sort of part time jobs teenagers take in France?

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Help for 1 day in paris

We will be in Paris for one day arriving at BVA at 9: am and leaving around 22:00 hrs

We are considering one of two tours and would appreciate any & all feedback

Tour 1 Paris Seinrama

4 hours including one hour on Seine river 


Tour 2 Paris & Seine Cruise

Very similar but….. not sure Has anyone done any of these or perhaps has any other thoughts???

Thanks so much in advance 


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 Im travelling to France, Cannes, this summer vacation. And I'm considering a flight to Marseille, and travell by train the rest of the way. When does the Train go? I cant seem to find any timeschedule anywhere, and the searchengine at the site,, won't work for me.

Any help?

Thank you 


Ole Jakob Sletten

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small question

Hello everybody
I'm a student (as my nickname says) out of the Flanders and I have to do an research. As this site seems pretty français I would like to ask you all to do me a favour and fill in this enquete:

Quel artist préférez-vouz?
Madonna/Céline Dion
Justin Timberlake/Tomas Dutronc
Kelly Clarkson/Yael Naim
Kyo/Tokio Hotel
Bob Sinclair/50 Cent
Dire Straits/Gipsy Kings
Holden/Linkin Park
Daft Punk/2 Unlimited
Biotonic/Dj Coone
Raft/Jonas Brothers

I know there will be choises where you don't like any of the bands at all, but please choose one…

Yours sincerily

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There is no suspense

France Radio Forum

Are you listening to French Radios from abroad? What are your favorite stations, your best memories of French songs?

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Am planning to visit Corsica in April……would appreciate any information about that island

Thanks, Eileen

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Starting my new life in france

im no god at this blog buisness. But what I need is some tips and ideas of how to blog and how to get more information about living and working in france. Ive searched the net, but cant seem to get my head around it. Ok so this is it. Im looking for a country village in the south of france. where I can settle down and start my own Bed and breakfast.

I know it sounds like every other persons dream but I think I will actually go thrugh with it :-)

So if anyone has any ideas or recomendations regarding French living and life. Please help me out!!!! 

Would be very grateful!!

Thats all for now


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Sharon's Champagne Blog

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to rename my blog.

I cannot deny that the picture above represents one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

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