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France Looks Forward To A Bumper Wine Harvest This year

Château Vougeot, Bourgogne

According to agricultural authority, FranceAgriMer, we are expecting to produce over 6 billion bottles (approx. 46 million hectoliters) of wine in France this year. Jerome Despey, head of FranceAgriMer’s wine […]

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Need help find a master list of wineries for the Champagne and Rhone valley and location. All I have been able to find are descriptions of each area, nothing specific like in California???

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The southern tail of the Côte de Beaune sees Pinot Noir predominate, with 90% of wine from Santenay being red. The wines are solid, tending more towards the rustic than the elegant, but are cheaper than the big names to the north. Santenay has 124ha of Premier Crus in its 379ha.

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As well as 4ha of Le Montrachet and 5.85ha of Bâtard Montrachet, Chassagne contains all 1.57ha of the Grand Cru Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet. There are 159 hectares of Premier Cru in the 350.4ha of Chassagne, which contains a surprising amount of Pinot Noir. Less red wine is now being produced, as it sells for lower prices than the whites although much of the Pinot land is less suited to Chardonnay production. The white wine tends to be richer than that of Puligny but not as elegant; the reds are quite robust and need time to come round.

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