<!–^~^25|left|^~^–>French society likes formality in many aspects of everyday life as obligatory handshaking or cheek kissing 😉 , the use of the vous (rather then the familiar tu) and of titles when refering to a superior or a stranger and the concern about always dressing well.

Sex lives in France can be qualified as very liberal by American standards. Everyday relations between the sexes are very flirtatious and not at all confrontational, neither in public nor in the professional life. The “use” of a lover is rather frequent both for men and women.

Nudity is not seen as a sin and women generally go topless on the beaches of the Riviera. Many French TV shows do not hesitate to include partially or totally undressed men or women even during prime time.

As a result of Napoleon’s Civil Code, most of everyday life’s transactions follow written texts or laws. French people, however, take great pleasure and pride in finding new clever ways to bypass these restrictions or instructions.

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