Road network Densest in the world, longest in the EU with a total of 964,356 km of local, secondary and main roads and motorways, including 7,396 km of motorways (second in Europe).

Rail network On 1 January 1996, the SNCF (National Railroad Company) was responsible for 31,940 km of track. France holds the world speed record (515 km/h) with its high-speed train (TGV), which runs on 1,268 kilometres of special track. Annual capacity: 55.5 billion passenger/km (first in Europe excluding the CIS) and 48.9 billion tonnes of freight/km (second in Europe excluding the CIS).

Aviation Each year 98.7 million passengers and 1.4 billion tonnes of freight are carried; 904 aircraft (planes and helicopters) fly under the French flag. Paris airports: 558,000 annual aircraft movements (1995), 55.1 million passengers (seventh in the world) and 1.2 million tonnes of freight and mail.

Merchant fleet Annually 208 ships (total tonnage of 4.3 million) transport 91.5 million tonnes of freight. France’s fleet ranks 25th in the world in tonnage. Marseille is the largest port in France and on the Mediterranean and the third largest in Europe.

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