Château of YdracImagine that you have found the perfect castle to spend the rest of your life with your loved ones. The Château Bellevue is  a beautiful 18th Century castle that has seen better days, and it lies near Bordeaux, in the small town of Yvrac, close to the world’s most voluptuous wines. You have enough money and passion to bring it back to its glory days.

You have the finest interior designer draw up plans on how to renovate with keeping with the history and beauty of this noble structure. You agree to the renovation, which should start by taking out a small part of the annex…

Then… fate strikes! The local construction company has somehow understood that you have asked for the demolition of your beautiful Château.Not just the annex, the whole place!

When you realize what happened, it’s too late, the Château is gone! Fini!

This is what happened last week to a Russian citizen who had purchased the château of Yvrac, in the Gironde. After having weathered the bad news, he’s promised to rebuild the place  from scratch based on the photos and plans at his disposal.

We certainly wish him good luck.