In the heart of Savoie, amidst a park of 10 hectares with century-old trees, the Domaine d'Aix-Marlioz estate can be found in a natural setting of spellbinding beauty. Once frequented by Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, the resort of Aix les Bains has managed to preserve the heritage of its prestigious past while making innovations to guarantee optimum fitness and well-being for its guests. At Aix les Bains you are invited to become one with nature … opposite the Domaine d'Aix-Marlioz there is golf, tennis and the racecourse, attractions which will spur you on to activity and prolong the benefits of your treatments.


The Thermal Spa centre is a facility shared by the two hotels on the Domaine d'Aix-Marlioz: backing onto the Mercure Ariana, it is linked to the Mercure Acquaviva by a walkway.
It offers a fitness area with a swimming pool, hammam, gym … as well as a range of treatments: massages, beauty treatments, hydrotherapy, underwater jets, bio-energy treatments.


Treatment programmes available from 4 days / 4 nights:

  • La Cure® by Accor Thalassa:

The fitness cure is the ultimate thalassotherapy cure to get in shape and feel full of life. Its revitalising treatments will leave you feeling re-energised thanks to the oligo-elements, vitamins and mineral salts found in the sea and that our bodies often lack.
4 treatments/day, i.e. 24 treatments over 6 days:
18 hydrotherapy treatments to choose from : microbubble bath, hydrojet, pressotherapy, berthollaix, seaweed and hibiscus wraps, floating wraps, chromotherapy bath.
This cure includes 2 body sculptures.
6 group treatments from the following: aqua-fitness, breathing techniques, underwater jets.

  • Relaxation:

This treatment program is perfect for those seeking inner peace and harmony…
3 treatments/day:
2 balneotherapy treatments from the following: microbubble bath, pressotherapy, seaweed or hibiscus wrap, hydrojet treatment, berthollaix.
1 group treatment from the following: aqua-fitness or underwater jets.

Specific treatment programmes (available from 6 days / 6 nights):

  • XL:

A complete program of treatments to fill up on vitality! This cure is suitable for Men and Women and offers a wide variety of treatments.
4 treatments/day, i.e. 24 treatments over 6 days:
9 hydrotherapy treatments to choose from : 2 microbubble baths, 1 floating wrap, 2 berthollaix, 2 pressotherapy treatments, 2 hydrojet treatments.
6 different sculptings: 2 Californian massages, Shiatsu, 20 minute body sculpting, massages, reflexology.
5 beauty treatments from the following: facial, manicure, facial massage, body scrub, relaxing back treatment
4 group treatments: 2 aqua-fitness sessions, 2 underwater jet sessions.

  • Intensive Slimming:

To tone up your figure the healthy way. You will be given personalised advice from a nutritionist who will create a protein-rich dietary program specially for you.
4 treatments/day, i.e. 24 treatments over 6 days:
12 hydrotherapy treatments to choose from: Seaweed wraps, slimming treatments, microbubble baths, pressotherapy, berthollaix, slimming body sculpting treatments for the thighs and legs.
12 group treatments: 6 aqua-fitness sessions, 6 underwater jet sessions.
Plus 2 body skin tonic sessions in the week.
Full board with diet meals is compulsory and included. Medical check-up with nutritional assessment compulsory at extra charge.

  • Oxygen Cure:

A combination of thermal and balneotherapy treatments bringing calm and general serenity, offered in two options:
Very helpful for those who want to give up smoking. This program treats the physical and mental state, cleanses the respiratory channels and offers pyschological and fitness guidance.
When stress begins to take over… the cure alternates thermal and balneotherapy treatments to soothe and relax you. Sophrology and breathing techniques. This program is an ideal solution for purifying your lungs, improving oxygen levels in the blood and learning how to breathe correctly.
5 treatments/day, i.e. 36 treatments over 6 days:
1 thermal treatment per day: nasal irrigation, throat treatment, steam inhalations,laryngeal treatment, vaporization-atomization treatment, aerosol treatment.
2 individual balneotherapy treatments per day chosen from a microbubble bath, chromotherapy bath, seaweed or hibiscus wrap, hydrojet treatment, berthollaix treatment, pressotherapy, body sculpting
1 daily group treatment (underwater jets or aqua-fitness).
1 daily session on breathing techniques
+ 2 sophrology sessions in the week.


Short stays are available for 2 days/2 nights and 3 days/3 nights.

  • Discover Well-being:

Accor Thalassa Aix-les-Bains invites you to discover the sea’s natural health-giving properties during 2 days/2 nights plus half board.
The 6 treatments included in the 2-day short break :
3 balneotherapy treatments/day including:
2 hydrotherapy treatments (chosen from: microbubble bath, hydrojet treatment, seaweed wrap, pressotherapy).
1 treatment in the pool (chosen from: underwater jet, aqua-fitness).

  • Discover Relaxation:

A short burst of well being for 1 or 2 days to get back in touch wi th your body…
This formula includes 3 treatments per day:
1 hydrotherapy treatments to choose from: microbubble bath or berthollaix treatment or seaweed/hibiscus wrap or pressotherapy treatment
1 group treatment from the following: underwater jets or aqua-fitness.
1 Californian massage.

  • Skin Deep:

Enjoy 2 days of pure pampering for your skin…
This formula includes 3 treatments per day: 1 body scrub, 2 massages: Californian and the soles of your feet, 1 45-minute facial, 1 skin tonic facial treatment, 1 underwater jet treatment.

  • Men’s Tonic :

2 days of treatments especially for men and a chance to get away from it all thanks to a gentle touch…
This formula includes 4 treatments during the 2 days: 1 underwater jet session 1 body sculpture, 1 facial mas sage,1 Californian massage.

  • Zen SHOR
    BREAK :

The pleasure of adapted relaxing treatments combining the benefits of seawater, warming body wraps and massages. 2 free choice treatments per day, room and breakfast for 2 days/2 nights or 3 days/3 nights.
The 6 treatments included in the 2-day short break: microbubble bath, berthollaix treatment, floating hibiscus wrap, hydrojet massage, underwater jet treatment, 1 Californian massage.
Treatments on the 3rd day: seaweed wrap, 1 half-hour massage or affusion massage, 1 hydrojet massage.


See the listing of the Hotels in Aix-les-Bains

For example : 1 km from the centre of Aix les Bains in the middle of the park, the hotels Mercure Ariana**** offers terraces facing the lawns, the magnificent rose garden or the Savoy Alps.

The Mercure Ariana**** hotel has 60 rooms including balconies, with a view of the park or the mountains. This is a cosy little hotel, decorated in a low-key colourful style, harking back to the spirit of the Thirties.

the hotel offer traditional high-quality food :
– "Brasserie" style at the "Grand Café Adélaïde" of the Mercure Ariana.
– "Bistrot" style at the restaurant "Aquarelle" of the Mercure Acquaviva.
In summer you can enjoy sitting out on the terrace to eat: barbecues and buffets have place of honour here.

At your disposal: cots for babies and children (up to 12 years).
Child seats and children's menus available at the restaurant.


Accor Thalassa Aix-les-Bains
Mercure Ariana
111, avenue de Marlioz

How to get there :
By train: Paris – Aix-les-Bains: 3 hrs, 1 km from the station of Aix-les-Bains
By plane: Paris – Annecy: 55 mins, 10 mins from the airport of Chambéry, 80 km from the airport of Geneva
By road: A41 motorway, then exit Aix-les-Bains sud, 6 hrs from Paris, 1 hr from Lyon.