Cherbourg is in Basse-Normandie.



Cherbourg is easily assessable from Normandy and the rest of France, it is around 6 hours from Paris and around 10 to 11 from Bordeax


Cherbourg can be reached from Paris St Lazare on a direct train, otherwise there are services to Brittany and to (sometimes) the South West of France.


From United Kingdom going to and from Portsmouth, Plymouth and Poole

and Ireland going from Cork


A decent enough network of buses runs round the town, but everything can be reached by foot

Activities and Sightseeing

  • The docks where the Titanic made its last stop before sinking. This is right next to the ferry terminals.
  • The Cité de la Mer is an aquarium situated in the restored trans-Atlantic railway terminal in Cherbourg. Visitors can explore an ocean diving area and a former French Army submarine. The monument was built in 1933 and the museum was opened in 2002.


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