I am going to France in October to take a two-week French course in Tours. I then have six days to make my way by train to Marseille where I will catch my flight home.

Any recommendations on where to visit? I spent a month in France last year, two weeks in Montpellier (for a French course) then we rented a car and visited Carcasonne, Foix, Collioure, St-Remy de Provence (from where I visited Avignon, Orange and Chateauneuf du Pape). I would like to go back to Montpellier for 1 day to catch up with one of my professeurs and also spend 2-3 days in Aix. I have visited Marseille in the past and plan this time only to go there from Aix the morning of my flight.

I was thinking La Rochelle (maybe not so easy to get to without car?) or Bordeaux (not reading good reviews of Bordeaux) or Toulouse from where I might also visit Albi. What about Biarritz or Nimes? As you can see, I am trying to plan a route from Tours south through Montpellier to Aix. I am interested in beautiful outdoor spaces and art museums and just wandering around to get the feel of a city. I will be alone and safety is a concern. I should probably only go to one place other than Montpellier and Aix, I guess, or maybe two at the most.

Any thoughts and advice will be much appreciated!