Hi, this is Peggy from China. I went to France last Sep. on a business trip and definitely fell in love with this brilliant country. I’m not sure what kind of people could be called "Francophile", but I guess I’m getting closer and closer to it. As a matter of fact, I’m now teaching myself French, in a very slow progress though. I hope learning French language could help me get deeper into its culture in which I’m very interested. And, I would really like to make friends and correspond with French people who would exchange letters or emails with me in English (hopefully French in the foreseeable future after my French is sufficient enough), and help me know more about France. Maybe this would sound a little utilitarian, but I really don’t want you out there to think that I’m using anyone. Sincerely, I’m just seeking some nice communication. Please address your email to peggygao1979@yahoo.com.cn. I’m right here waiting! 🙂