Autour de midi, Jazz club in MontmartreIf you want to experience the hottest local music when visiting Paris, France, but don’t want to pay a lot for tickets, the four venues below are a traveler’s must!

#1: Flèche d’Or – Offering the newest sounds in French independent music, this is an infamous Paris, France venue for open-minded music lovers. It’s located in a transformed train station next to a defunct railway that circles around all of Paris! The tickets pricing is low and the tunes keep playing until 2:00 a.m. Tuesday through Friday and until 6:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Location & Contact Info: 102 rue de Bagnolet, 20th, +33 1 4464 0102,

#2: Le Pompon – Playing electronic, independent, and pop tunes, Le Pompon is most unusually housed in a visually striking transformed synagogue! This is an ideal place to enjoy local music, bar drinks, and to dance the night away—and into the morning (2:00 a.m.) on any night of the week! Location & Contact Info: 39 rue des Petites Ecuries, 10th, +33 1 5334 6085.

#3: Autour du Midi – Want to listen to jazz in Paris, France but don’t want to pay an insane amount for the experience? Autour du Midi is the perfect choice for visitors! The venue offers free jazz jam sessions to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Friday and Saturday, low-cost tickets are available for swing, bebop, and big jazz band concerts. Location & Contact Info: 11 rue Lepic, 18th, +33 1 5579 1648,

#4: The China – This super-stylish French club offers outstanding Chinese food, a tropical bar, and a downstairs music venue that hosts nightly concerts Monday through Saturday until 2:00 a.m. The best part is that the music is totally free! From atmospheric jazz to local gypsy folk tunes and even burlesque shows, there’s something for everyone at The China. Location & Contact Info: 50 rue de Charenton, 12th, +33 1 4346 0809,