Hello everybody
I'm a student (as my nickname says) out of the Flanders and I have to do an research. As this site seems pretty français I would like to ask you all to do me a favour and fill in this enquete:

Quel artist préférez-vouz?
Madonna/Céline Dion
Justin Timberlake/Tomas Dutronc
Kelly Clarkson/Yael Naim
Kyo/Tokio Hotel
Bob Sinclair/50 Cent
Dire Straits/Gipsy Kings
Holden/Linkin Park
Daft Punk/2 Unlimited
Biotonic/Dj Coone
Raft/Jonas Brothers

I know there will be choises where you don't like any of the bands at all, but please choose one…

Yours sincerily