JewishMarais_optFrance is home to the world’s third largest Jewish community, and Jews have had a long and inspiring history in France – sometimes tragic, mostly harmonious. Living in France since  the  Roman times, Jews have contributed a great deal to its  culture and history, while France has provided Judaism with some of its most eminent thinkers.

This new 90 minute walking tour through the Pletzl will give you a glimpse into this extraordinary community and its rocky history. As you make your way through small cobblestone streets dating back to the Middle Ages, you’ll hear about the remaining shops and families that still call the Pletzl their home. You’ll get a chance to see the Synagogue designed by Hector Guimard, the creator of Paris’ Metro iconic Art Nouveau marquees, and to have a typical Jewish pastry at one of the local delis.

The Paris Jewish Tour runs everyday at 2:30 PM. Don’t go to Paris without booking this tour!