My husband and I are planning to visit France for two weeks in the edn of June this year. We were planning to use the first week in exploring the south of France and neighbouring regions like Monaco, Cannes, Bordeaux. We do not have much information on the best places to visit in the 1 week time frame that we have. I would like your help in shortlisting 6-7 places that we can cover. Also we would be landing in Paris and were planning to take a road trip, is thsi a good idea or you think train would be our best bet. I would really appreciate if you could tell us few of the must visit sites like beaches, historical places, cute little village with magnificent chateaus. Also would like to know about our lodging options( on the cheaper side, like our hilton and sheraton in US) outside of Paris. 

Also we would be spending the 2nd week in paris and we will be celebrating our anniversary there, so would like to know  a good hotel at a central location. Also apart fromt he world famous sites, please suggest any hidden gems that you might know of.