I recently went to Paris and stayed at the hotel called, The Five Hotel Paris.    It was perfect.  This hotel wasn’t too expensive but not a cheap hotel.  The bottom line is that you felt transported into a magical environment for a fairly great price.

Even though you room colors and even scents! can be customized to create a surreal experience the best part of being at the hotel is the fact that it is centrally located in the middle of Paris.  It is near the famous rue Mouffetard, the Lutetia Arena, the Luxembourg Garden and the Pantheon.  I found the most amazing restaurant on top of the hill near the Pantheo.  It’s right by the Genevieve Cathedral.  Starts with an L, sorry forgot the name.

http://www.thefivehotel-paris.com/ That is the link to the hotel I stayed at.  I booked it right only after doing some research.   I go to Paris about 5 times a year and am always checking out new hotels, I have to say though I will be going back to the Five Hotel because it was amazing.

If you have any questions about Paris, just let me know. And I should get an email and then I’ll check back here.